NRW – International Piano Festival and Competition 04-11.03.2018

Master classes: 4-8 March • Competition 1 and 2 group: 9-11 March • 3 group: 8-11 March


Facts about Aachen

The city Aachen has 258,000 inhabitants and is a medium-sized city in North Rhine-Westphalia. Aachen is nearby the border with Belgium and the Netherlands and is known as the westernmost city in Germany.
The city is famous for its rich history and its cultural, archaeological and architectural heritage.

The center of Aachen is characterized by old buildings in the style of “early days” or Baroque. The old town of Aachen has a very charming atmosphere with his winding alleys, churches and fountains. The city life is affected by the high number of students, because there are four different universities and that is why Aachen has a high rate of 40,000 students.

The cathedral of Aachen is the landmark of the city. In the year 1978 the Cathedral was added (as the first German cultural monument) to the UNESCO World Heritage.
Aachen has other beautiful sights, such as the Elisenbrunnen where you can still drink the healing water. The town hall, the Aachen Zoo with 1700 animals and the “three-country corner” where Germany, Belgium and Netherlands touches each other, are also popular.
Of course there are also many museums and theaters in the city.

Nowadays Aachen is a high-tech city, where many world-famous companies have their roots, such as Lindt or Lambertz.